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Welcome to the Malvern Spa Association web site
supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

We aim through this web site to provide information about the springs in the Malvern Hills area and the role of the Malvern Spa Association in protecting and restoring them. There are directions on how to visit the many spring sites, with advice when planning to drink or collect the water. We also trace some of the history and geology of the water, where it came from and what is has been used for in the past. Our latest information can be found under News or in the MSA Newsletters. There is also the opportunity to show your support and interest in the work we do by becoming a member of the Malvern Spa Association. The development and production of this web-site has been supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

What is the MSA?

The Malvern Spa Association is a non-profit making, community organisation that was founded in 1998 to "conserve protect and restore the Springs, Wells, Spouts and Fountains of the Malvern Hills". We aim to work with the community to conserve, protect and restore the Springs, Spouts, Fountains and Wells of the Malvern Hills and to promote the study, conservation, development and awareness of them, to help preserve them for future generations. Of over one hundred Springs and Wells that we have so far traced, only six still supply pure spring water, free to the public. The MSA now has over 100 members, and working in partnership with the Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty office who manage the project, has been awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of over 270,000 to restore up to 20 historic spring water sites

The MSA receives no money from this grant for our running costs but relies on annual fees from our Members.

Please join us in the MSA and support our activities!